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What does grid tied mean?

A grid tied electrical system,also called tied to grid or grid tie system, is a semi-autonomous

electrical generation or grid energy storage system which links to the mains to feed excess


What is the ideal angles for my PV panels ?

This depends on your position of latitude and the season.

For fixed panels in South Afrika between 25 degrees and 30 degrees is optimal


What if I have a flatroof?

Mounting systems with tilt angle are available,but they need to be spaced carefully

to avoid inter-row shading


What is the payback or breakeven?

Depending on the rate you pay for electricity,anything from 4-10years for a grid tied

system.Hybrid and grid-tie with back up take longer as solar quality deep cycle

batteries are expensive




(Alternative Power Solutions and Energy Saving Products and Systems).

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Greenotech solar solutions(trading and projects) base off operation in middelburg,mpumalanga,Gauteng,Limpopo and surrounding areas. We sell and install products to for a quote please send a email to



The Class 1 SANAS calibrated testing equipment with continual graphic analysing is used to ensure the most cost effective performance of designed electrical/on-grid systems.

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